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It is not every day that a company faces the decision to close down a facility. Most companies, family owned and corporate entities, do not have the knowledge to evaluate assets such as machinery, ancillary equipment or the mechanical infrastructure. The task of liquidation can be a daunting task filled with many questions. Questions that arise are never asked during normal operations. In most circumstances the overwhelming task of closing may never happen again.

As a company looks at their assets, machinery, rolling stock, finished product is usually the first items to be liquidated. A machinery broker or past clients are called upon to purchase assets, generating a positive cash flow income. Values for the assets appear to be complementary to market value and the assets are sold.

But what do you do with remaining assets? How do you remove all equipment and ancillary assets that are left to leave a facility in a “sale-able” condition? Who is responsible for damage left behind from removal? What happens with the seemingly “non-sale-able” assets?  It is these questions and many other that can turn the positive cash flow into a growing negative cash flow.

At IAAS Worldwide we are here to provide you with the information to maximize the return on your assets. Through out our history of service to companies facing the task of closing facilities, shutting down lines or liquidating assets that are no longer required, we have always taken the stance to provide a complete liquidation services. Our job is not finished with the last swing of the auction gavel; in fact it is just beginning.

Our turn-key liquidation services provide experienced project managers to structure asset removal in a safe and timely manner. After assets are removed our mission is to leave the real estate in a sale-able condition, where potential buyers will not face removal cost for items left behind or damages to the real estate.

IAAS Worldwide is here to listen to your particular liquidation needs. Assess the value of your assets. Investigate hidden values in ancillary infrastructure. Formulate a liquidation and removal plan that works for you and with you.